Processus de Production


Attention is paid to every detail, from the selection and purchase of the wood, to the hand-worked finishing of every single article, right down to the final decorations.

In these section we will provide some technical details on how our products are made off and on which material we use for specific products



Wood Selection


The production process starts from the material selection. The furniture production at Meuble for French Furniture Co. implies a careful selection of high quality wood and an accurate wood processing work of our artisans.

Only the precious wood species are used in the production: noble types of beech, cherry, walnut, and oak; also for inlays and veneer exclusively selected materials are used: walnut, cherry, mahogany, rose, amboyna burl, white oak, and etc. that make the furniture surface elegant and refined.



Our architects and designers create and design everything concerning interior decoration, with the glitzy “Made ​​in Italy” taste, always refined and elegant: the study of symmetries of spaces in harmony with the architectural style of the structure and the client's individual needs, always being the only protagonist of his project


Wood Carving


Woodcarving is one of our sculpting feature.

At this stage our experienced cabinetmakers prepare the raw hand-carved furniture items.

The whole wood-carving process is entirely handmade and is carried out with the use of traditional carpenter’s tools.




The inlay is a process to make a decoration on the furniture not by painting it but by using different pieces of real wood. Different naturally colored woods are cut and inlaid together into the wooden surface composing a lavish palette of colors and variety of wood textures.

The laying inlay technique is called Marquetry and is performed manually. Afterwards the inlaid surfaces are polished, smoothed with a special paste and placed under a heavy press for 2 days. Not only wood is used in our inlays, but also other precious material such as metals (brass, copper, zinc), mother of pearl, bone and stones.The use of different materials also brings with it the necessity of using different kinds of glues.




Finishing, colors and decors bring the real vital energy to the carved wooden items. The prepared unpolished carved wooden furniture pieces are passed to the varnishing workshop. When coloring and finishing the furniture compositions with special spray diffusers the craftsmen make sure that the color is as much as possible equal to the finish sample chosen by the client.

We believe that each piece of wood has its soul and a unique character which just needs to be revealed into a genuine piece of art.


Gold Leaf


Gold is what dreams are made of.

It’s time to add some splendor to the furniture with the use of gold, silver, bronze and other types of leaf. As the whole production process the gilding is done manually: the craftsmen apply a special glue on the decorated surface and cover it with a fine piece of gold (silver etc.) leaf. Afterwards with a special stiff brush the tiny pieces of gild are knocked into the wooden surface. According to the amount of shine and the density of golden decoration desired by the client the artisans use from 2-3 up to dozens of gold leaf layers in this procedure.


Hand Painting


At the next stage of furniture decoration in the company our artists manually paint the furniture with natural paints and water colors exalting their beauty to fulfill the most innermost dreams of the customers. Our artists would draw whatever the client requests on the furniture surface.




We take great care in making sure that every step of the upholstery process is carried out according to the highest standards of the sector.

Decorating the furniture with fabrics using velvets, brocades, leathers, silks: it is always handmade process, as all the other production processes, and it is the final stage of creating a pure. Handmade upholstery ensures quality and comfort of every piece of furniture. The precious fabrics, carefully selected by our architects and interior designers, give a splendor to our furniture.